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Building stable futures in unstable markets

Development Ventures


Challenging uncertainties to advance development practice

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In 2024 Development Ventures handed over their last development project, the ‘comonsol’ micro-grid, to the La Suiza community thereby ensuring the community’s access to reliable renewable energy to power their future development. The successful completion of this project marked more than a decade of overcoming challenges, ranging from supply chain delays to armed conflict, while continuously delivering sustainable development projects in conflict affected communities from Latin America to Central Asia. Having hit this milestone, Development Ventures’ founders took the difficult decision to disband the company to seek other challenges, taking solace in the fact that the great work done by the company has left a real and lasting impact in the communities with which we worked.

“They who know when they can fight and when they cannot, will be victorious” – Sun Tzu”

See the completed Comonsol micro-grid below:


To know more about the impact in our pilot community, click below:

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What We Do

Challenging uncertainties to advance development practice

Development Ventures brings together a dedicated team experienced in facilitating investments and designing & implementing development projects in frontier markets. Working with our partners, Development Ventures combines innovative ideas with a proprietary result-driven implementation approach, to build economic growth opportunities in the most challenging environments.

Providing the right incentives for the right clients

To us sustainable economic development is not just simply about delivering immediate economic enhancement, but it is also about assisting our clients to take ownership of their own development. By developing both human and physical capital, Development Ventures works hard to ensure that our incentives are always aligned with those of our true clients, the communities with which we work.


Our Partners


Andrew Varrow

Program Director

Liam Kelly

Technical Director

Fernando Sagastume

Operations Director

Our Work

Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in Guatemala
Facilitating Investment for the I-Build Application in Kenya
Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in The Gambia
Technical Assistance to the World Bank / Somaliland Business fund
Technical Assistance to IBM & TFBSO in Afghanistan
Facilitating Combat Flip Flops to Invest in Frontier Markets
Facilitating Combat Flip Flops to Invest in Frontier Markets
Adventure Capital Investor Project in Afghanistan
Facilitating ATMI to Source Impact Investment
Facilitating ATMI to Source Impact Investment



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    Building Stable Futures In Unstable Markets

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