Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in The Gambia

Through a local joint venture, Development Ventures is working in collaboration with RASDA Energy to bring the Comonsol model to West Africa. The collaboration has signed an MoU with the Gambian Ministry of Petroleum & Energy to deliver 200MW of distributed energy to rural off-grid communities and is starting work in the Lower River Region to adapt the Comonsol operational approach to the new market.

Find more about Comonsol here

Technical Assistance to IBM & TFBSO in Afghanistan

Development Ventures provided a team of expert consultants to the United States government’s Task Force for Business and Stability Economic Development program across Afghanistan

Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in Guatemala

Development Ventures is implementing a public-private partnership to develop private-sector financed community owned solar micro-grids in Guatemala

Facilitating Investment for the I-Build Application in Kenya

Development Ventures worked with Builders of Hope, to identify funding partners for their Eco Manyatta Program in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

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