Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in Guatemala

Development Ventures is piloting the establishment of low-cost community-owned solar micro-grids in off-grid & low-income agricultural communities in Guatemala. These distributed local-utility-scale micro-grids utilize an innovative ‘utility-in-a-box’ business model designed to facilitate local communities to access private-sector impact financing to invest in establishing their own communal power infrastructure.

Two Comonsol micro-grids are currently being developed, both of which can supply productive power to any configuration of nearby consumers that ranges from a few small businesses, to an entire ‘local center’ consisting of hundreds of homes, business and civic buildings.

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Technical Assistance to the World Bank / Somaliland Business fund

Development Ventures Provided a technical expert to support the grant evaluation team on the World Bank / Somaliland Business Fund

Adventure Capital Investor Project in Afghanistan

Development Ventures provided a technical expert to set up an ‘adventure’ capital investment program in Afghanistan

Facilitating ATMI to Source Impact Investment

Development Ventures supported Aquaculture Technologies of The Marshall Islands (ATMI), a Fishery based in the Marshall Islands to seek impact investment.

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