Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in Guatemala

Development Ventures is piloting the establishment of low-cost community-owned solar micro-grids in off-grid & low-income agricultural communities in Guatemala. These distributed local-utility-scale micro-grids utilize an innovative ‘utility-in-a-box’ business model designed to facilitate local communities to access private-sector impact financing to invest in establishing their own communal power infrastructure.

Two Comonsol micro-grids are currently being developed, both of which can supply productive power to any configuration of nearby consumers that ranges from a few small businesses, to an entire ‘local center’ consisting of hundreds of homes, business and civic buildings.

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Developing Comonsol Micro-Grids in The Gambia

Development Ventures is part of a collaboration that is developing community owned solar micro-grids in The Gambia

Facilitating Investment for the I-Build Application in Kenya

Development Ventures worked with Builders of Hope, to identify funding partners for their Eco Manyatta Program in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

Facilitating Combat Flip Flops to Invest in Frontier Markets

Development Ventures supported the urban apparel manufacturer, Combat Flip Flops, to identify partners for their latest investment in Afghanistan

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Building Stable Futures In Unstable Markets

Development Ventures is a registered brand name of Development Ventures LLC