Developing Community Owned Solar Micro-Grids in Guatemala

Development Ventures is implementing a public-private partnership to develop private-sector financed community owned solar micro-grids in Guatemala.

Development Ventures is piloting the establishment of low-cost community owned solar micro-grids in off-grid & low-income agricultural communities in Guatemala. These micro-grids utilize an innovative ‘utility-in-a-box’ business model designed to facilitate local communities to access private-sector impact financing to invest in establishing their own communal distributed power infrastructure.Two local-utility-scale micro-grids are currently being developed, both of which can supply productive power to any configuration of nearby consumers that ranges from a few small businesses, to an entire ‘local center’ consisting of hundreds of homes, business and civic buildings.

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Facilitating Investment for the I-Build Application in Kenya

Development Ventures is facilitating Builders of Hope, to identify funding partners for their Eco Manyatta Program in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

The iBUILD mobile phone application is being developed in partnership with IBM & Mastercard, and is specifically designed to lower the transaction costs of small-scale home construction, whilst also providing potential home buyers with access to affordable financing, to increase the supply of affordable housing and therefore addressing the shortage of affordable homes in Kenya.  iBUILD will act as a virtual marketplace that connects households wishing to contract the construction of a home with architects, lenders, permit issuing authorities, contractors, and the workers thereby providing all these stakeholders access to a ‘one-stop-shop’ for home construction. iBUILD will lower the transaction costs for both buyers and sellers, whilst providing all users a level of assurance that comes from working with a trusted ‘brand’.

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Technical Assistance on the Eco Manyatta Program

Development Ventures is facilitating Builders of Hope, to identify funding partners for their Eco Manyatta Program in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.

The Eco Manyatta Program is an ambitious concept of improving the poor living condition in the traditional Maasai manyattas. This means creating an affordable design (Eco Manyatta) for the Maasai that includes eco-friendly features, developing a lending mechanism for purchase of the eco manyattas, and facilitating job creation in the construction industry by upskilling local youth and women to build the Eco Manyattas.

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Facilitating ATMI Source Impact Investment

Development Ventures is facilitating the Marshall Islands based fishery, aquaculture technologies of the Marshall Islands (ATMI), source impact investment partners.

Founded in 2013, ATMI is a start-up company that is utilizing the marine resources of the Marshall Islands to commercially raise Pacific Threadfin, commonly known as “Moi”, for export to Hawaiian and Taiwanese wholesale markets. Development Ventures is working with ATMI and their partners, Executive Island Tours, to make them investor ready and attract Impact investment to facilitate ATMI to expand their current operations.
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Technical Assistance to IESC on the USAID / ABADE Project

Development Ventures is providing a technical expert to support the implementation team on the USAID Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises (ABADE) project.

ABADE is USAID’s flagship enterprise development project in Afghanistan and it is focused on creating jobs, encouraging investment, and strengthening the productivity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to become drivers of a growing self-sustaining Afghan economy. ABADE is focusing its support on key regional economic zones and major population centers and on any sector that has the potential to generate increased employment. Special attention is being paid to ensuring workplace opportunities are being created for youth and Afghan women.ABADE mobilizes private sector resources and ideas by encouraging investment and business initiative through Public-Private Alliances (PPAs). Through this approach, ABADE’s development funds will leverage significantly greater private sector investments. Besides stimulating investment, ABADE provides business advisory services, technical assistance, and helps ease regulatory constraints that reduce private sector competitiveness. The services provided by the technical expert range from sourcing investment opportunities to developing PPAs and conducting due diligence, whilst developing the capacity of the Afghan national project staff to enable them to take over these roles.
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Facilitating Combat Flip Flops Invest in Frontier Markets

Development Ventures is facilitating the urban apparel manufacturer, Combat Flip Flops, to identify partners for their new investment in Afghanistan.

Founded by Special Operations Veterans of Afghanistan, Combat Flip Flops is an urban apparel producer with a unique mission; the company seeks to create peaceful, forward-thinking opportunities for self-determined entrepreneurs affected by conflict. Combat Flip Flops willingness to take bold risks, community connections, and distinct designs communicate, "Business, not Bullets"--flipping the view on how wars are won. Through persistence, respect, and creativity, they are looking to empower the mindful consumer to manufacture peace through trade.In 2011, Combat Flip Flops developed a line of casual footwear and clothing that was initially planned to be made in military boot factories. This socially driven concept generated huge media exposure in the United States and Europe, creating a high demand for the product that greatly exceeded the company’s production. However, in late 2012, Combat Flip Flops suffered the loss of all Afghan military equipment production facilities. Yet, the company kept selling products made in the US and Colombia and expanded their product lines to include clothing, bags, and jewelery made in post-conflict areas.Thanks in part to its new ‘expeditionary production facility’ concept and the market linkage support provided by Development Ventures, Combat Flip Flops is now actively seeking financing and partners to begin outsourcing some of its manufacturing back to Afghanistan.
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Technical Assistance to the World Bank / Somaliland Business Fund

Development Ventures is providing a technical expert to support the grant evaluation team on the World Bank / Somaliland Business Fund

The $3.6 million Somaliland Business Fund offers grants to the Somaliland private sector ranging from $5,000 to $150,000 for projects involving business development services and/or fixed assets. The multi-donor trust fund is backed by the World Bank with contributions from the Danish International Development Agency, the UK Department for International Development and the World Bank State and Peace-building Fund.Currently, the UK-based development consultants, Landell Mills, are managing the fund in Somaliland. The fund was launched on September 15, 2012 and it aims to mobilize the creative energy and resources of the private sector to strengthen private enterprise, increase incomes and create new sustainable employment opportunities in Somaliland.Development Ventures is currently providing a technical expert to support the grant evaluation team appraise grant proposals for the fund.Read more about the fund here…

Technical Assistance to IBM & TFBSO in Afghanistan

A team of Development Ventures expert consultants support the United States government’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations set up their economic development program across Afghanistan

As a result of the success of the Herat Angel Investor project implemented by Renew Strategies and Development Ventures, Development Ventures secured an 18 month contract with IBM to provide a team of expert consultants to the United States Government’s Task Force for Business and Stability Operations’ (TFBSO) Herat Economic Development Platform (HEDP) in Herat, Afghanistan.Throughout the contract the Development Ventures team supported the HEDP Technical Assistance Team operated by IBM that identified and assessed Afghan SMEs to enhance their business operations through technical assistance and/or inward investment. The Development Ventures team also worked to support the establishment of the TFBSO business incubator which continues to provide business counselling and advisory services to local Afghan SMEs. This incubator continues to promote sustainable operations and growth for their businesses and ultimately assist them in obtaining investment.As part of this project, Development Ventures recruited and trained two local national consultants to the project in line with our approach to investing in human capital. The specific services provided by Development Ventures team encompass a wide range of roles from the sourcing of local SMEs through on ground networking, supporting IBM financial analysts conduct due diligence and develop investment proposals, providing technical assistance and business capacity development training to Afghan SMEs & entrepreneurs to assist them in preparing investment pitches, to providing investment intelligence and linkage development support to international investors, both public & private, to support them at all stages of the investment process.
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Developing SMEs in Conflict Afflicted Emerging Markets

Development Ventures & partners design new project implementation models for accelerating the development of SME investment finance in frontier markets.

Development Ventures is currently working with our partners to design a new model for implementing SME development projects in conflict afflicted emerging markets.The aim of this project is to accelerate the development of a functioning market system for SME investment finance in the recently stabilizing areas of conflict affected states, thereby facilitating small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to become key drivers of long-term stability and growth in the target country. The model is based on years of on-the-ground experience of SME development in Afghanistan and East Africa that has demonstrated that in order to stimulate SME growth in a stabilizing market, it is essential for any intervention as part of a wider stabilization effort to accelerate the process of developing a functioning market system for SME investment finance. Furthermore, this experience has also showed that in order for them to be successful, these interventions must both facilitate the entrance of new lenders into the SME investment finance market system and support the development of the appropriate supporting functions and formal/informal rules which allow the system to function properly.The project implementation will focus on investing in the local capacity to provide technical assistance to SMEs so they can become investment ready whilst also removing the transactional costs that prevent high net-worth individuals and other members of the diasporas from becoming ‘impact’ investors. This project will also utilize the model’s enhanced incentive structure to support value for money and sustainability by ensuring the long term financial viability and short term incentives of the implementing partners of this project are aligned with that of both suppliers of investment finance and SMEs.

Adventure Capital Investor Project in Afghanistan

Development Ventures provided a technical expert to assist in setting up Afghanistan’s first ‘adventure’ capital investment program

Development Ventures provided a technical expert to join the Renew Strategies team to support the US Government’s Task Force for Business & Stability Operations (TFBSO) develop a new project aimed at identifying and removing the barriers preventing the flow of direct foreign investment into small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Afghanistan.The project conducted an assessment of the business environment to find a number of Afghan SMEs with potential for growth and worked with these SMEs to help them develop high quality investment proposals with the goal of introducing them to a group of international investors who were also sourced by the Renew team. The end result of this trial was the development of a portfolio of quality investments in the Afghan ICT sector worth over $3.5 Million which allowed the SMEs to pitch their investments to a group of high wealth institutional investors at the first ever international investment deal show in Herat, Afghanistan.Read more about Renew Strategies here…


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